Tenere 700

Tenere 700

The new Yamaha Ténéré 700 borrows its name from the Tuareg languages of Northern Africa: “Ténéré” meaning either “desert” or “solitude” depending on the context in the region. 

The Yamaha Ténéré 700 is 2021′s highly anticipated midsize adventure motorcycle. It was first introduced to the European market for 2020 and now makes its US debut as a 2021 model. Yamaha takes the revered MT-07 engine, the 689cc CP2 parallel twin, and broadens torque for dirt focus via revised EFI mapping, a Ténéré-specific airbox, and new muffler. The middleweight ADV is designed to appeal to everyone with its overall accessibility, affordability, and on- and off-road versatility.

For ACE Enduro its not doubt – it the motorcylce of Choice for us. It suits our riding style with all the ergonomics and of all the Adventure Bikes its characteristics are closest to more lightweight Enduro Bikes. The motor is so nice and smooth and has enought torque. It doesn´t stall in low rpm like other bikes of it´s class and has an excellent handling.

For more Information about this awesome bike check out the Homepage of Yamaha Europe!

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