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Go hard or go home


the almost impossible


For the most advanced rider with also highend hardenduro bikes we offer the most demading and difficult action you could ask for. On request we do the strongest of tracks out there. Ideal if you want to get ready for your next competition at the Erzberg, Red Bull Romanicas, Sea to Sky or whatever Hard Enduro event it is. We are proud to say that the worlds best riders come to our spot, since we are known for this for a long time. Alessandro has trained Andreas Lettenbichler, also his son Manuel who is current WEC Champion but also Travis Teasdale and many many others. If you are in search of the nearly impossible with toughest pyhical action and technical skills, this is where you can find yourself.

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ACE Enduro

We offer individual enduro training for all levels and run guided, personalized motorbike adventure tours for beginners, intermediate and hard enduro riders.

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