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Under the Termination “Adventure” we understand Dual-Sport Two Cylinder Bikes above 500 cubik centimeters that are suitable for both on- and offroad.


We arrange a variety of trips in Europe, but mainly Tuscany, Italy and also Sardinia with flowy curvy roads but also offroad tracks with different undergrounds, such as wood sections, lose stones and also sandy parts which are all suitable for those kind of bikes. We do all skill levels from Beginner, Advanced to Pro and we adjust the choice of tracks to the skill level of the individual Group. Our focus is on a fun tour with very special and pleasurable places we visit, such as wineries in the region, the coastal lines, or even the race tracks like Mugello for example.

We Combine riding and a trip full of experience with the spirit of nature, outstanding food, good wines, interesting soul filling talks and connections along the way. Typical Group size is no bigger than 5-8 Riders. Prices of Tours vary depending on the amount of people and days. We can quote you your own individual Tour for your Group of people you bring along- This is what we tpyically do.

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We arrange our Standard Dual Sport Adventure Tours in:



Our Tours are managed in a very exclusive – “Supreme” style. We do quality over quantity, which means we have a very limited number of Riders. We are coaching our clients on highest level and visit outstanding places. The Restaurants we choose are the best in the regions, the Food is outstanding- we do also visit exclusive high end Wineries with very good wines – either in Tuscany or Sardinia. Our philsophy is “Good people, good friendships and good times together”. It´s the philsophy we follow generally in life as our time is limited and we understand that we want to spend it as good and meaningful as possible.

Enjoy every minute!

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We offer individual enduro training for all levels and run guided, personalized motorbike adventure tours for beginners, intermediate and hard enduro riders.

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