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All levels


All levels


Enduro competition courses are ability graded, ranging from riders interested in starting competition, through to developing novice, sportsman, hobby and expert riders.

We offer two to three-day courses – long-term progression and development can be delivered specifically for individual riders.

To take part in an Enduro Competition Course you need to have prior off-road riding experience and have your own bike and equipment.

For all 2-cylinder Adventure Riders we also offer special trainings on our own Enduro Bikes to improve position on bike and general handling of their bikes.

  • 2 Day Training ENDURO|ROOKIE
  • 375
    •   Bike Handling
    •   Steep Uphill
    •   Steep Downhill
    •   Breaking on loose Ground
    •   Breaking Downhill
    •   Small Obstacles
    •   Single Trails Forest
    •   Accomodation
    •   Food Included
  • 2 Day Training ENDURO|ADVANCED
  • 395
    •   Steep Uphill Rocks
    •   Steep Downhill Rocks
    •   Fast Single Trails
    •   Watercrossings
    •   Extreme Uphill/Downhill
    •   Big Rock Sections
    •   Big Obstacles
    •   Accomodation
    •   Food Included
  • 3 Day Training ADVENTURE|ALL
  • 890
    •   Two Zylinder Handling
    •   Around Obstacles
    •   Obstacles w/ Enduro Bike
    •   Breaking on loose ground
    •   Breaking Downhill
    •   Speed on Gravel
    •   Road Technique
    •   Accomodation
    •   Food included

ACE Enduro

We offer individual enduro training for all levels and run guided, personalized motorbike adventure tours for beginners, intermediate and hard enduro riders.

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