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  •   Adventure Bikes only
  •   Agriturismo & Hotels
  •   Visit Florence
  •   Visit Winery & Tasting
  •   Mugello Race Track
  •   Mixed Gravel & Roads
  •   Spectacular Views
  •   5 Nights Accom.
  •   Breakfast incl.
  •   Rentalbike on request
  •   Discounts for more than 3 riders
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Short Description (for more details contact us)

We will arrange a very special unforgetable Tuscany Adventure Bike trip with you. It will be a mix between Gravel and Sealed roads but the major amount will be Gravel. in those 5 days we will visit special Desintaions which we will discuss with your group upon arrival. We will do a Skills check on the first day of riding to do our further plannings. If you like we will visit the Race Track at Mugello, visit typical Tuscany Wineries, go to special Restaurants off the beaten track with you. On one of the days we arrange a ride to the Adria coast with you to a special place where we will have an outstanding Seafood Dinner. We will also visit Florence as well as Siena and have some days where we stay outside the Agriturismo in nice Hotels and Places. We will give you further information upon request or booking, don´t heistate to contact us.

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